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What To Expect

Your Initial Consultation

With children and teens the first appointment is generally a session that includes parents/guardians and the psychologist. For all clients this is a time when you can speak about your current life situation and any difficulties you might be having. Most importantly, it is an opportunity to explain what you hope to achieve with therapy and to get a plan of action.

Duration of Therapy

Although most people describe benefits of treatment after just a few sessions, some do require longer treatment. The number of sessions depends on each individual’s circumstances. For the majority of clients 5 to 15 sessions are sufficient to meet their treatment goals (Medicare heavily subsides 10-16 sessions per year). The frequency of sessions normally decreases over the course of the treatment, with a three month follow up ideal in most cases to conclude treatment.

Each therapeutic session is 50 minutes in length.


Generally assessments include an initial consultation followed by two appointments of approximately 1-1.5 hours depending of the issue. A follow-up appointment in order to go through the report is recommended.


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